Welcome to Music Love. We exist to champion and celebrate women in music.

This new and exciting time of unleashed creativity and artistry ushers in streams of new music in all forms, and Music Love shines a spotlight on the immense talent of women from all around the world.

From artists, musicians, dancers and performers on stage and screens, to producers, engineers, managers, label heads, coaches and publicists working backstage, in offices and studios, Music Love brings their stories and sound to the fore.

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Music Love was founded by Sydney-based artist Julie Kerr. Julie is a singer/songwriter who has been performing and recording music since 2002.  A passionate writer, Julie has been published by Mamamia, The Daily Life, The Canberra Times, marie claire Australia, Sarah Wilson, ABC’s The Drum and (the now defunct) long form website The Global Mail. Julie has previously worked for The Global Poverty Project and ghost written articles and speeches for its founder Hugh Evans, mainly published and given in the United States.

In 2012, Julie was contacted in the middle of the night by Jackson Five singer Jermaine Jackson who found her song Papergirl, while looking through Julie’s video producer’s website at home in LA. Going on to become both Julie’s mentor and friend, he inspired Julie to write her current and third release Carry On, recorded at the iconic Studios 301, and produced by Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Simon Cohen.  

Julie is passionate about women working in all areas of the music industry and established Music Love to shine a spotlight on the vast and diverse female talent in music.

Julie Kerr playing the Rhodes keyboard with her band. Image: Alistair MacKenzie

Julie Kerr playing the Rhodes keyboard with her band. Image: Alistair MacKenzie