Charlie and Elodie Collins from Tigertown chat to Music Love ahead of their support slot for Swedish pop sensation Tove Lo and their US tour. Podcast up now

Music Love's Julie Kerr chats with Charlie and Elodie Collins and this conversation was recorded just before they supported Swedish pop sensation Tove Lo for her shows in Sydney and Melbourne, and ahead of their American tour. 

Susan Heymann, General Manager of Chugg Entertainment: There are lots of women in music, but there aren't enough women at the top

When Susan Heymann, the General Manager of Australian promoter giant Chugg Entertainment, was younger, she had a friend named Carly who worked at Channel V. In between classes as a 17 year old, Susan would find herself at the Channel V studios watching Carly work away and come home to her mother and talk about a career in music. Her mother asked, "Do you wanna be like Carly and hang out with bands?" Susan's answer was nothing but prophetic. "Mum, I wanna be Carly's boss."

Katy Perry: "I'm just excited to connect with people and to see and hear them. Sometimes people don't feel like they exist or they're important, and I think every individual is very special."

While all eyes have been on Katy Perry since she burst onto the scene in a teenage chapstick dream bubble years ago, her eyes are clearly on others and have been for a while now.  Katy Perry has always asked questions in her lyrics. And indeed, I hope she continues to. For it is this invitation to join her conversation that is what makes Katy Perry, Katy Perry. 

Peta Jeffress and Gabriel Wagnberg met in Sweden and created electronic duo Peta & The Wolves. And they are a modern-day musical match made in heaven.

Peta Jeffress has never given up on her musical endeavours, and her commitment to hard work and exploring her artistry is truly admirable. She sat down with Music Love's Julie Kerr to talk about her childhood musical classes and how wonderful it was to meet and work with the formidable Gabriel Wagnberg and create a wonderful modern electronic music act Peta & The Wolves.

Meet Bec Callander, lead singer and guitarist for punk rock powerhouse band RACKETT. "My favourite place to be is on stage with my band, under the lights, with a microphone in my hand."

Noisy, raw, with buckets of attitude, Sydney-based punk rock foursome RACKETT have been ones to watch since they formed last year. Described by critics as tight, focused and celebrated for their gripping live shows, RACKETT could well be the new face of a fresh movement of women in alternative rock.

Queensland Music Festival: Australian icon Deborah Conway says "I am always heartened at how many women there are making successful careers for themselves in the Australian music industry."

If you were to list Australian women in music, there is no doubt Deborah Conway would be top of mind. Deborah is woven into the fabric of the Australian music scene in a glorious way. Deborah took some time to talk about women in music and her time at this year's Queensland Music Festival.

A conversation with world renowned composer Elena Kats-Chernin who spent the week creating ten compositions inspired by Australian artworks: "I've never had such luxury in my life!"

This week, world renowned composer Elena Kats-Chernin has been surrounded by ten iconic paintings by two revered Australian visual artists, Margaret Olley and William Robinson. While staring at the paintings, Elena has created and notated (by hand) ten compositions in seven days, ready to perform to an intimate crowd at Old Government House in Brisbane this weekend.  Music Love had the pleasure of calling Elena half way through the week to see how she was going. 

Pack away the synthesisers for a moment, and let Carla Troiano and her band Mayfield demonstrate what an electrifyingly fun experience a skilled live band can be.

In a world filled with pre-recorded backing tracks and photoshopped-esque sonics, it is refreshing to get back to a live band - locked in, rehearsed, loose and tight all at once, with riffs and hooks for days, months, years. Meet Carla Troiano as she tells Music Love how she loves live music because audiences will witness something that will never be recreated again. Indeed. 

Queensland Music Festival: The Go-Betweens and special guests will re-create the iconic album 16 Lovers Lane. And drummer and music icon Lindy Morrison OAM says she can't wait.

The Queensland Music Festival, Lindy Morrison will come together with original The Go-Betweens band members Amanda Brown who sang and played violin and oboe, and bass player John Willsteed with other Australian musicians including Dan Kelly, to perform the album 16 Lovers Lane in full. Front man Robert Forster sadly won't be present. Instead, the songs will be performed by a bevvy of Australian talent including Katie and Tyrone Noonan, Steve Kilbey from The Church, Montaigne and Ball Park Music's Jen Boyce and Sam Cromack.

Queensland Music Festival series: Katie Noonan has one of Australia's most iconic voices, and implores each of us to use our voice for those who have been silenced

s there a more iconic voice in Australia's living memory than that of Katie Noonan? The voice that transcends genres, tells countless stories, honours the art, poetry and music of those who have gone before her, and encourages those who come after her. Katie Noonan has won four ARIA Awards and sold countless albums. She has traversed the Australian music landscape doing everything from performing with esteemed orchestras and ensembles, to gracing the airwaves of independent and commercial radio stations, performing on breakfast TV, in great halls and arenas, regional festivals, and intimate lounges. Beyond music, Katie has been invited to be a panellist on ABC's QandA program, and has also been appointed to be the Artistic Director of the Queensland Music Festival. It is here that she is doing perhaps her most important work: fostering the art and music of Queensland, of which she says is redefining itself in the national arts landscape. In this interview with Music Love, Katie talks about her request for voices and choirs everywhere to come together and sing John Farnham's iconic hit You're The Voice, in order to shine a light on domestic violence. Katie has has no doubt mastered the art of writing original works and interpreting the works of others in the freshest of ways, and now wants to use her voice, and ours, to amplify the voice of those who have been silenced. What a treasure.  

Jessica Nitties is a singer, songwriter and producer who goes by the name Sparrows, flying wherever her soul-filled wings and sweet voice carry her; ever on the hunt for new soundscapes

Jessica - a Sydney based singer/songwriter whose latest project is performing under the moniker Sparrows - is always on the hunt for sounds which she describes as "field sounds" to complement what goes on in her imagination. While her music is electronic, her voice is raw, organic and brimming with gorgeously warm jazz tones. Jessica spoke with Music Love and we discovered a loving, adventurous and wide-eyed wondrous soul.   

Memphis Kelly has been raised as a daughter of Australian musical royalty, but her new project SAATSUMA has placed her in a league all her own

Memphis Kelly is no stranger to the stage. Growing up with an actress and iconic musician as her parents, Memphis - along with her sister Maddy - has been exposed to a life brimming with art, inspiration and countless opportunities. Yet Memphis couldn't be more excited about her new electro-pop project SAATSUMA. Memphis collaborated with Melbourne producer César Rodgriguez and says, "I feel like everything we’ve created, particularly in the past six months, is the truest, most honest representations of ourselves."

Meet Sydney's MUKI. She's sassy and gifted as all get out, and owes a lot of that to her uber-talented and unconditionally loving family

Maddie Crabtree identifies as "bitey." The woman with a voice that can pierce through a manic sonic soundscape featuring a wall of drums as high as Mt Everest, Ms Crabtree is one wonderfully spirited and cheeky cat. And that's before she pops on her musical Wonder Woman cape and transforms into MUKI.

Jessica O'Donoghue was highly skilled and trained in the art of opera, but chose to unlearn it all to find her true artistic self. Her new album title is fitting.

Ten years ago, the Australian soprano walked away from the world of opera. Despite being well on her way - Jessica once was invited to perform at London's Covent Garden - something just wasn't sitting right. Now, a decade later of unlearning opera and learning about her true artistic self, Jessica has just released a brand new EP called Emerge. And she's more content than ever. 

The No Frills Twins bless the Internet for their huge success, but Arna and Vanessa Rogers are no flash in the pan, they are legitimate artists, performers and writers. New podcast up now.

Meet Vanessa and Arna Rogers. You will fall in love with their faces, their voices, their youthfulness, and their joy. Going by the stage  name No Frills Twins, their music is modern, poppy and fresh, and the tones their voices produce are so warm and hark back to the 80s. The pair created a YouTube channel in 2012 when they were 17, living in their hometown of Lismore. Arna and Vanessa have ended up being huge internet stars Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to find fault in their musical and artistic sensibilities. They spoke with Music Love editor Julie Kerr. 

PODCAST: Episode 6 - Leanne de Souza has managed Thelma Plum, Kate Miller Heidke and more, is head of Artist Managers Association, and is the founder of a very cool festival. But that's not all.

Leanne offers many fascinating insights given her history and experience as a manager for artists such as Thelma Plum, Kate Miller Heidke and more. She isn't managing artists anymore, but is the Executive Director of Association of Artist Managers in Australia, the founder of the Rock and Roll Writers Festival, a board member for the Queensland Performing Arts Trust, and a student in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies. Her biggest passion is definitely making indigenous artists central to our music scene. No matter if you are an artist or a manager, you are bound to learn something from the wonderful Leanne de Souza. 

Alex Lahey a hit among the Australian women nominated in the 2017 AIR Awards celebrating independent artists. Read the full list of women nominees here

The 2017 AIR Awards are fast approaching!  This year's award nominees have been announced and include 17 Australian women - plus members of two orchestras, of whom we are still counting. See the full list here.

Starley is back with a new single (after a few US TV appearances, like Jimmy Kimmel, GMA, Today, what not). Oh and her debut single Call On Me has clocked over 423,000,000 streams

Starley has been taking the world by storm. We have been following her career since we launched last year. Starley literally wrote "one more song" before threatening to give up on the music industry. Well now that song has clocked up 423,578,352 streams on Spotify for her hit single Call On Me. And she has been working hard, performing, touring, and making her mark in the US and Europe. Starley has performed on Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America and the Today show. She has also been busy writing and recording. Her new single Touch Me was released last week. We caught up with Starley Hope about her magical roller-coaster ride. 

Did you miss the Vivid Ideas all women music industry panel discussion? Full video here!

On Saturday 10 June in Sydney, Music Love and Vivid Ideas hosted a very special morning event called Pathway to Platform. An all women panel of experts from all areas of the Australian music industry spoke to a very engaged audience who came out on a cold, rainy morning to hear wisdom from women who excel in technology, policy, performance, business, production, marketing and more. Industry magazine The Industry Observer were clever and kind enough to film the entire morning for those who couldn't come! So prepare a place for yourself with a notebook, and some back to back beverages, enjoy, be informed and inspired. 

For the first time in 60 years, the costumes, accessories, artwork, and memorabilia from the vaults of Opera Australia will be opened to the public.

As we have come to know here at Music Love, Opera is definitely not just a singing style. Not only does a tremendous amount of preparation go into learning a new language and a very long and detailed script for a performance, there is a monumental amount of work spent on very elaborate costumes adorned by the talented men and women who are the stage.Now, a rare opportunity has arisen because Opera Australia is finally making it possible for all of us to fully appreciate these costumes. For the first time in 60 years the costumes, accessories, artwork and memorabilia from the vaults of Opera Australia will be opened to the public.