Meet Angharad Drake: A beautiful dulcimer playing folk artist who gets her RM Williams boots wet

Angharad Drake has been making music since high school. The Sunshine Coast based singer, songwriter and producer has five recordings under her belt. And she is only 24. Her latest single Baby is a striking modern folk track of which Triple J Boss Richard Kingsmill wrote, "Stopped me in my tracks today. Songs don't often have that effect on me." Her music is a nod to UK singer/songwriter and lady boss Laura Darling as well as Argentinian indie-folk sensation José González, but Angharad is most certainly an artist in her own right; not contrived or mimicky in the slightest, like some modern folk acts tend to be. Her back catalogue is impressive, and if you are feeling mellow and reflective, or want to, make sure you take a listen. Angharad took some time to speak with Music Love about songwriting, how her family influence her art, and the time she got her RM Williams boots wet in her music video for Baby while filming in Somerset Dam, Queensland.

What does music mean to you?

There's no way to answer this question without sounding lame, but music definitely means a whole lot. I've sung since before I was talking and it's always been my favourite form of expression. For example you can tell people they're [not nice people] in a really nice and pretty way.

You are 24 and have released five recordings – and most of the songs were mixed and produced by you. I’m pretty sure we can call you prolific. What motivates you? 

All sorts of things motive me! Mostly my cat Kathryn keeps me positive. I'm definitely not a song a week type person, I'm more of a write until it's right, which could mean I finish a song in one day over a few months.

Why folk music?

I don't think I ever sat down and decided that I was going to do folk music. Admittedly, I was actually a big fan of bands like Green Day, Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan back in the day. But then my aunty bought me tickets to a Simple Plan concert when I was thirteen. I left early and took down my wall of posters and started listening to my parents' record collection. I got really hooked on Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and James Taylor and it went from there.

Tell us about the dulcimer.

It's like a weird guitar you put on your lap. There's a bunch of different types but mine is an appalachian dulcimer – they have a really beautiful sound

Who are your favourite Australian women in music? 

Gabe Cramb, my aunty-in-law! She's cool. She's big in the PR world and calls her kids 'dude.'

What is your favourite place in Australia?

It's too hard to choose, it's all so beautiful and you don't even have to drive too far to see beautiful things. I really loved driving around Tasmania though, the whole place feels really nice.

You got your RM Williams boots wet in the music video for Baby. Discuss.

They should endorse me! I just showed the world how durable their boots are.

Where was the music video for Baby made?

Somerset Dam. We woke up at 4am to try and get the sunrise, but it turned out to be a really gloomy, rainy day - but that worked well in the end.

Baby it’s a lonely place
In between your love and your vanity
— Angharad Drake, Baby

What is your favourite Australian café/restaurant?

I'm loving Neighbourhood in Bardon at the moment. You can sit on the grass in their garden for breakfast, which is the best way to eat breakfast.

Favourite non-music thing to do?

I'm really getting into art at the moment. I've started a little business called LawdyLawdy. It's a mish-mash of crafty goods.

Who is your favourite Australian artist, fashion designer, retailer, film maker or actor?

I'm going to be annoying and say that I love too many to choose from, but definitely my brothers Ben and Reuben – I still think they're the most talented artists I know. Also, Gorman.

What next?

I'm in the process of finishing off my upcoming album that will be released in May, and then i'm off to Canada

Angharad Drake's single Baby is out now and her new album will be out May 2017.

Angarad Drake's single Baby appears on Music Love's  Time Out  playlist

Angarad Drake's single Baby appears on Music Love's Time Out playlist