Starley nearly walked away from music & wrote a song in her despair. She now has 13 million monthly listeners

I decided I was going to give it up and get a “real job.” But that I was going to give it one last shot before I did. That one last shot changed everything.
— Starley. Singer/Songwriter

Starley Hope was jaded by the music industry. She had been working away writing, recording and just trying to make a go of it. She had moved to London (not easy - Music Love will feature more stories and testimonies of artists trying to make their way in London and NYC soon), and the outlook was pretty bleak. A common tale for the aspiring musical artist. Hopes dashed, she decided to write one more song. Starley told The Music earlier this month, "One night, this song just poured out of me. It became a way of telling myself it was going to be okay; almost like an encouragement. It was as if I had created my own lighthouse; a beacon to help me realise my dreams are not impossible. I can do this. I'll figure it out. I just need to follow my intuition and essentially, call on myself."

That's when Starley wrote Call On Me. And then the break came. The song was recorded and the remixes followed. Within a few weeks of the song being re-released in October under a new label (it was originally released in July under a different label), Call On Me blew up Spotify going from virtually zero  to 7 million monthly listeners before you can say "I've had enough." Starley currently has over 13 million monthly listeners.

Call On Me has charted in Australia, US, UK, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovakia, and Switzerland with top ten positions in Norway and Belgium. Not only that, Starley's Call On Me has been a HUGE success in Sweden where it reached number one in the pop music global epicentre. What a tremendous story of not giving up. A good song will be successful. Keep going.

Take a look at our exclusive interview with the ever-believing, dream-following Sydney songstress, Starley Hope.

What does music mean to you?

Music is my life. It's my inspiration, my coping mechanism, my joy. It's my first love.

You have said you were about to walk away from music the night you wrote this song. Why? 

I was at a point where I just felt like I wasn't getting anywhere as a songwriter. So many ups and downs... I'd moved to London to pursue my dream, but years of hard work and sacrifice wasn't feeling like it was ever going to pay off. I decided I was going to give it up and get a "real job." But that I was going to give it one last shot before I did.. That one last shot changed everything. 

What do you think it is about Call on Me that made it absolutely blow up the internet, worldwide?

I can only take a guess, because I didn't really expect any of this. But, I think it might be the fact that people are connecting with the raw emotion of what I'm singing about.... This generation really like truth. And this song was my soul under a magnifying glass. That against the juxtaposition of a high energy, euphoric trop/house beat (Ryan Riback's remix, especially) really made for a powerful combination. Also God had a hand in it, haha. 

Music is my life. It’s my inspiration, my coping mechanism, my joy. It’s my first love
— Starley, singer/songwriter

When did you discover music?

I would've been too young to remember. Like my mum says, I started singing before I could talk. 

Who are your favourite Australian women in music?

 I adore Sia. 

What is your favourite place in Australia?

Kiama, a two hour drive from Sydney. It's the backdrop to my fondest childhood memories. 

When is your album coming out?

Sometime next year😉

What next?

More songs, promo, touring... Staying in this mode for a while. 

What question do you wish we asked you but haven't?

Ummm... Maybe what my full name is. My full name is Starley Hope. Yes, that's my real birth name, haha. 

Starley Hope indeed. Check out the single on Spotify now. Follow Starley on Twitter and Instagram @starleymusic, and Facebook at

When you’re low
And your knees can’t rise
You feel helpless
And you’re looking to the sky
Some people would say
To accept their fate
Well, if this is fate
Then we’ll find a way to cheat
Cause, oh, we’ll say a little prayer
But, oh, if the answer isn’t there
You know you can call on me
When you need somebody
You know you can call on me
When you can’t stop the tears from falling down
You know you can call on me
Call on me, darling
When you’re weary
And the road is dark
And I’ll guide you
With the beating of my heart
And if the calvary
And the help don’t come
Well, then we’ll find a way
To dodge a smoking gun
— Starley, Call On Me
Naturally, Starley's Call On Me appears on Music Love's  Inspire Me playlist

Naturally, Starley's Call On Me appears on Music Love's Inspire Me playlist