Updated: Interview with the wonderfully diverse KLP: DJ, producer, lover of harmonies, radio host and panellist for our Vivid Ideas event in Sydney

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As the countdown to Music Love's Vivid Ideas event Pathway to Platform continues, we have been interviewing the panellists to give everyone a head start on just how much gold there will be on Saturday 10 June in Sydney. (By the way, did you know The Sydney Morning HeraldCollective HubBroadsheet SydneyVice and Pedestrian TV have all highlighted our event as one to be at?). So far we have profiled Vicki GordonJacqui Louez Schoorl, Dr Rita Crews OAMShefali Pryor, and our performers, Iluka, and Sophie Koh. Today, we wanted to re-run our interview with producer, artist, host of triple j's House Party and now head of her own record label KLP.

She has just dropped a brand new song Changes and it's going great guns. Check it out. KLP is also on tour. You can get your tickets here! 

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We look forward to hosting you at Vivid Ideas. In the meantime, enjoy a taster of the advice and stories of Kristy Lee Peters. This interview was from our very first week at Music Love in November 2016. 

Music writer Kathy McCabe from the Daily Telegraph recently declared that, "The future of Australian pop music is a female DJ or producer who can write and sing her own songs in the studio and on the stage," in relation to the music of producer Kristy Lee Peters, AKA KLP. KLP certainly fits this bill. In addition to being a club DJ (note the removal of "female" in this description - more on that later) in Australia and abroad, she also works as the host of Triple J's Saturday night House Party, and is a producer/singer/songwriter (the new triple threat) who recently released her debut EP Ember, - the title track as catchy, dancy and radio-friendly as all get out. While her star is rising, she is no overnight success and has grown up around music, having being signed to a record label since age 13. KLP gave Music Love great insight into her life in pop music - from a number one in Japan, to the time she sang on an iconic TV ad, to, most importantly, the release of her brand new EP Ember

First, some facts:

  • KLP was first signed to Universal Publishing after studying music and singing in high school
  • KLP has written music for and with Skrillex, Slumberjack, Nicole Millar, and Japanese group Banvox - that song ended up number one on Japan's electronic charts
  • KLP's music has hit 14 million plays on Soundcloud alone
  • She is the host of Triple J’s House Party each Saturday night
  • KLP sings all her own vocals in the studio and opts not to use autotune on them, and, she is a huge fan of vocal harmonies
  • She loves to dance

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What does music mean to you?

Music for me is a way to express myself, escape and get free.

What is your favourite song lyric of all time?

I have so many I honestly can’t narrow it down to just one!! A fave would have to be, “All you need is love…" by The Beatles.

Tell us about the world of female DJs...

Let’s just say DJ. No-one says, "male DJ" so I don’t think it’s necessary to have female in the description. DJing is just one of the things that I do and it developed really organically years and years after I was first singing and writing music. I loved creating playlists for House Parties that I would throw and it progressed from there to me learning how to DJ and starting to slowly score some residencies DJing around Sydney.

Music for me is a way to express myself, escape and get free.
— KLP, Singer/Songwriter/Producer
Check out our  ARIAs gallery  featuring KLP. 

Check out our ARIAs gallery featuring KLP. 

How fussy are you in the studio with your vocals?

Super fussy! I record most of them myself for that very reason. I can be alone and lock myself in my studio perfecting the vocals I want. It’s quicker that way and means the end product is exactly how I want it to be.

Are you disciplined when it comes to looking after your voice?

Not really! I talk a lot during the day, which means my voice is always warm and active. I also trained a lot when I was in high school so as long as I keep singing with some solid technique, my voice should be able to keep going strong.

How do vocal harmonies make you feel?


What are your thoughts on Autotune?

It’s a very personal preference and I totally understand that it is necessary in some situations. It can be great as an effect and it can also speed up some processes. For me - I refuse to use it on myself – if something is out of tune, I will sing it again, over and over until it’s right. I also struggle to be cool with the over use of it in music. It can make someone sound great but they would never be able to sing any of the recorded things live; that’s scary territory to me. There’s something a little deceptive about that.

What have you learned since being signed to a major label that you didn’t know before?

I was actually signed to a major label at age 13 so I’ve been learning lessons in general about the music industry ever since. Be patient. Don’t rely on others to make [things] happen for you. Be kind.


Tell us about singing advertising jingles for your dad when you were growing up? Do we know any ads?

If you’re in Australia you may know the Lube Mobile jingle. It was pretty iconic! That’s my brother and I singing, “They fix the car!”

What was the last song you listened to?

Listening to a mixdown of my own VIP remix of my single Ember. I wanted to have a version of the track that I could play in my DJ sets so I decided to remix it myself.

Who are your favourite Australian women in music?

Kylie Minogue because she’s an absolute boss. Absolute legend!

Any funny, frustrating or significant stories from tour?

What happens on tour stays on tour ;)

if something is out of tune, I will sing it again, over and over until it’s right
— KLP, Singer/Songwriter/Producer

Dancing. Discuss


What was life like growing up in Australia? 

I grew up in the western parts of Sydney but then I also traveled to a Performing Arts High School in the inner west of Sydney. I loved my childhood because my parents really encouraged me to do whatever it was I dreamed to try.

What is your favourite place in Australia?

My home

KLP's EP Ember, out now

KLP's EP Ember, out now

What is your favourite Australian café/restaurant?

Room 10 in Potts Point for their Ziad Salad and Love Supreme for the pizza.

How important is Triple J in Australia?

I grew up listening to Triple J so I have always been a massive fan. It’s amazing to have a national radio station playing the artists you don’t necessarily hear on commercial stations.

Favourite shoes?


Favourite non-music thing to do

Dress up and go out for cocktails with my friends

KLP's new single is out now

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