The new single 'Fight' from Magnets out today

Music Love profiled inspirational audiologist/artist/advocate Siobhan McGinnity in our launch week - if you missed that, check it out here. And today, the Melbourne-based wonder woman, who goes by the musical moniker Magnets, has released her debut single Fight. Siobhan's voice is incredible. (And make sure you also listen to her non-official acoustic release Stay which has been added to Music Love's Beautiful Songs playlist).

Some quick facts about Siobhan McGinnity

  • Siobhan is a working on her PhD at the University of Melbourne researching ways to prevent Music Induced Hearing Loss in young adults.
  • Siobhan also works as an audiologist helping people in tinnitus management (that whistle you get in your ears when you've been around very loud music)
  • Siobhan is the founder of Musicians 4 Hearing raising funds to help kids' hearing in Cambodia
  • She is classically trained on the piano
  • She has been the keyboardist for indie rock band Sons of Rico
  • She has performed with many a musical comedy outfit
  • She has sung in an a capella cover choir called The Shania Choir

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