Episode 12: Poppy Reid is the Managing Editor of the largest music media publisher in Australia and offers some wonderful advice for artists and publicists alike.

Poppy Reid

Poppy Reid is the managing editor of Seventh Street Media which is a group that publishes some of Australia's best music websites. Tone Deaf, The Brag, The Industry Observer, J Play and Don't Bore Us all have large and deeply engaged followings which makes Seventh Street Media Australia's largest music media publisher.

In this conversation with Music Love's Julie Kerr, Poppy discusses her career so far, and offers advice and tips for artists who want to amplify their music to a targeted audience. 

The best publicists, and there are so many incredible publicists in Australia, come to me or my team members with a curated pitch for the publication.... and one of the best things you can do is offer that publication an exclusive or original piece of content....
— Poppy Reid, Managing Editor, Seventh Street Media

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