Upload: Jenni James, the front woman for Riff Raiders who are the riff-laden, melody-driven hard rockers you need to know about

Jenni James from the Riff Raiders. Image Facebook/TheRiffRaiders

Jenni James from the Riff Raiders. Image Facebook/TheRiffRaiders

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Jenni James, front woman for hard rock outfit Riff Raiders


Jenni and her band are the rarest of acts in that they can rock out both covers and originals with absolute excellence 


Jenni James fronts Melbourne hard rock outfit, Riff Raiders, who have just released their debut album to critical acclaim.

Along with partner Marty Powell, Jenni has co-written some catchy-as-hell tracks from power pop to punk.

Riff Raiders began life in 2015 belting out B-sides and obscure gems from the hard rock legends that inspired them. Made up of indie stalwarts Marty (guitar) Jenni (Vocals), Ollie Davey (Bass) and Chris Quinlan (Drums – yes of Ch31 Melbourne Musos fame), this band has blown away punters with its authentic approach and edgy finesse to playing rock n roll. 

“We’d all come from original band backgrounds, and we wanted to do something a bit different. Instead of just being a usual cover band, we wanted to do some seminal 70's hard rock acts, but not all their obvious songs". Marty Powell, Beat Magazine 26 May 2016

In this guise, Riff Raiders were one of the very few cover acts to be accepted by the original band scene. But this was never the long term ambition of the band.

The next logical step was to retreat into Colour Sound Studio in early 2017 with producer Gavin Parker, many amps, many guitars and even more pedals to record their debut album of original material - 11 tracks of riff-laden, melody-driven rock. The first single Live Like You Mean It sets the scene perfectly for what punters have to look forward to.

When Cramp mag recently asked about fronting a hard rock band, Jenni said "When I'm in front of the powerhouse that is Riff Raiders, I have the power. It's like some kind of super crack ­ you can't f**k with me, I¹m gonna f**k with YOU."

UK's Cry of the Wolf magazine gave Riff Raiders' album Live Like You Mean It 8/10.

The band plans to tour extensively in 2018 and pen some new tunes and head back into the studio.


Fans of hard rock will not be disappointed with Riff Raiders. This is pure, modern edged rock and roll. Nonstop energetic and catchy riffs mixed with down to earth in your face lyrics. This is a sonic painting with many colors bleeding into one solid ball of rock. Vocalist Jenni James shines on the lead off track, “Live Like You Mean It.” The song is so catchy you will find yourself singing along and playing it loud. The lead guitar break is tasteful and powerful.
— Cry of the Wolf
With “Live Like You Mean It”, the Riff Raiders have delivered a stirring love letter to rock ’n’ roll, a fist-in-the-air anthem that’s alive on arrival. This line says it all: “If rock ’n’ roll is dead then why’s this song stuck in your head?”
— Jeff Jenkins, The Music, 3RRR Radio
God gave rock’n’roll to ya, but the weekends spent sniffing vinyl in small-town junk shops, and the lunchbreaks spent browsing Cheap Trick memorabilia on eBay – that’s all you. Your latest obsession ought to be Riff Raiders: purveyors of poor impulse control, who build blistering rock hits from the guitar up. And yes, it’s a Les Paul.
— Jenny Valentish, author, journalist


28th December 2017 The Vineyard, Melbourne
18th February 2018 The Workers Club, Melbourne (matinee)

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Live Like You Mean It is out now. 

Riff Raiders Live Like You mean It
Live Like You Mean It has been added to Music Love's Women in Rock playlist

Live Like You Mean It has been added to Music Love's Women in Rock playlist

Welcome to  upload^  where we flag new music from babes around the world. If you would like to be featured,  simply click here to   fill in this form  and introduce yourself!

Welcome to upload^ where we flag new music from babes around the world. If you would like to be featured, simply click here to fill in this form and introduce yourself!