Upload: Melbourne singer songwriter Bernadette Novembre's single Everybody Knows

Image via Facebook/BernadetteNovembreMusic

Image via Facebook/BernadetteNovembreMusic

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Bernadette Novembre


Bernadette Novembre is a soul singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. She started singing at the age of six and toured in Australia and overseas with International artists. Having listened to her mother's vinyl collection, Bernadette was inspired by the greats of the 1950's and 1960's such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Zombies, Cher and The Supremes - just to name a few. Bernadette is an enigma and believes she was born in the wrong era because of her tastes in music, fashion, film and literature.

Early in February 2017, Bernadette met with renowned Australian Producer Rhyno (Paris Wells, Rita Watch, Kimbra) and expressed her desire to release a swing/jazz album. On their first songwriting session however, the music took a different turn and the track Everybody Knows was born and the others soon followed in a similar soul/garage rock style. This sound was a true representation of the music Bernadette loves and listened to in her formative years.

She will be releasing her debut EP in February 2018 called Rebounding which will feature six tracks of songs about life and love. Bernadette worked with Ryan Ritchie (Mushroom Music) who co-wrote songs on the EP. Ritchie pushes the creative boundaries with his musical genius and diverges from the norm in his style. Bernadette also worked with many talented musicians to achieve her distinct sound (Ryan Ritchie on electric guitar and keyboard - True Live & The Raah Project; Ivan Khatchoyan on percussion - Cookin' on 3 Burners, The Traffic and Mayfield; Jamie Stroud on electric bass - Fulton Street, Justin 'Kenny' Hall on tenor saxophone - Mayfield, Kattimoni & Maya; Travis Woods on trumpet - Horns of Leroy; Chris Vizard on trombone - Horns of Leroy and Sam Boon on baritone saxophone - Fulton Street & Guy Sebastian). This EP is an amalgamation of Bernadette's tumultuous life experiences and obsession with the music of the 1960's. Some of her tracks even have a reggae feel to them. One song you are sure not to get out of your head is Everybody Knows which even though soul, has a hip-hop and funk vibe to it.


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Rebounding EP Launch, Saturday 10 March, The Night Cat, Johnston St Fitzroy

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Welcome to  upload^  where we flag new music from babes around the world. If you would like to be featured,  simply click here to   fill in this form  and introduce yourself!

Welcome to upload^ where we flag new music from babes around the world. If you would like to be featured, simply click here to fill in this form and introduce yourself!