PODCAST: A conversation with country music star Fanny Lumsden on crowdfunding, being nominated for an ARIA, and living and working in rural Australia

Pictured: Fanny Lumsden and Music Love founder Julie Kerr

Well, finally! The Music Love Australia Conversations podcast is here! Listen in as founder of Music Love and artist Julie Kerr interviews Australian women working and playing in all areas of the music industry.

The first episode features ARIA Award nominated and Golden Guitar Award winner Fanny Lumsden. The conversation between Julie and Fanny took place in a lounge room over wine, cheese, crackers and chocolate on a very hot November day, days out from the 2016 ARIA Awards. Fanny's band-mate and at the time fiancé (the two were married over summer) Dan was also there, listening to, and occasionally joining in, as Julie and Fanny talk about Fanny's life on the road (42,000 kilometres over last year), getting mental blocks on stage, mentoring kids in rural Australia, being in a school where only five other people were in her year in Tallimba NSW, how RM Williams boots are as common as socks at her family home, and what her favourite song is right now. Listen and subscribe below! 

Keep going, no matter what anyone says. If you really believe in it, just keep going. Well, if there’s no one turning up to your shows, maybe reassess!
— Fanny Lumsden, country music artist


This podcast happily features jewellery by Dinosaur Designs whose bangles jangled delightfully in the background as they dangled from Fanny's wrist, and Molly Coombs Marr who designed Fanny's Bubble O'Bill earrings, pictured above. 


Fanny and her band mate and husband Dan winning a Golden Guitar Award

Fanny and her band mate and husband Dan winning a Golden Guitar Award

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