PODCAST: Episode 2 - Diana Doherty, Principal Oboist for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra still pinches herself that she works at Sydney Opera House

   Diana Doherty and Composer Nigel Westlake

Diana Doherty and Composer Nigel Westlake

Diana Doherty is the principal oboist for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. She has toured and recorded extensively here and abroad, and has spent some time working in Switzerland. After her first child, Diana returned to Australia and ended up joining the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Her latest achievement is performing a concerto written just for her by world-renowned composer Nigel Westlake who has written scores for movies like Babe and Miss Potter. Nigel enjoyed Diana's playing so much, he made a concerto to suit her expressive style. Diana speaks to Music Love's Julie Kerr about her extensive career so far, how she wished classical music could be appreciated in more casual settings, and the burden of making one's own reeds.

I wish that classical music concerts could have a more relaxed format. That people could bring their wine in, have comfortable chairs.... It’s not about making the audience feel nervous. When they are super quiet, I get nervous too.
— Diana Doherty, Principal Oboist, Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Check out the full classical program of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at their website

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