Episode 6: Leanne de Souza has managed Thelma Plum, Kate Miller Heidke and more, is head of Artist Managers Association, and is the founder of a very cool festival. But that's not all.

Leanne de Souza. Image via      Writers Out of Residence

Leanne de Souza. Image via Writers Out of Residence

Leanne de Souza has been working in the music industry for nearly 30 years. She is from Brisbane and was booking and touring  artists internationally in the 90s with a phone and a fax machine - back when the music scene in Brisbane was virtually non-existent. She has managed acts like Kate Miller Heidke, Thelma Plum, The Medics, Katie Noonan's band George, and more. She ended up leaving artist management behind in 2015 which was a huge moment in her life. Now she is studying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, and has become a wonderful advocate for indigenous artists. Leanne is currently a board member of the Queensland Performing Arts Trust and even though she's not managing artists anymore, she is the the Executive Director of the AAM which is the Association of Artist Managers in Australia. It's a peak body for artist managers - and if you manage an artist, head to aam.org.au and find out how you can be supported as a manager. Leanne is also the founder of the Rock and Roll Writers Festival where she gathers journalists, authors of memoir and biography, music historians, lyricists - and anyone who writes anything to do with music - together over a weekend to have wonderful conversations and community about all things music writing.

Leanne offers many fascinating insights given her history and experience. But her biggest passion is definitely making indigenous artists central to our music scene. No matter if you are an artist or a manager, you are bound to learn something from the wonderful Leanne de Souza. 

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