Episode 7: The No Frills Twins bless the Internet for their huge success, but Arna and Vanessa Rogers are no flash in the pan, they are legitimate artists, performers and writers. New podcast up now.

No Frills Twins Music Love
No Frills Twins Music Love

Meet Vanessa and Arna Rogers. You will fall in love with their faces, their voices, their youthfulness, and their joy. Going by the stage  name No Frills Twins, their music is modern, poppy and fresh, and the tones their voices produce are so warm and hark back to the 80s. The pair created a YouTube channel in 2012 when they were 17, living in their hometown of Lismore. And slowly their numbers grew. They performed covers of songs in their wonderfully zany and sophisticated outfits (seriously you should see their wardrobes) and fun snippets of their take on the world. Arna and Vanessa have ended up being huge internet stars especially after their cover of Iggy Azalea's song Fancy exploded. From there The Twins started writing original songs - each one catchy as all get out, and as ready for radio as any global superstar. Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to find fault in their musical and artistic sensibilities.

You don’t need to aspire to have fame.... Consume music that makes you happy.... You’re good enough because your work is good enough.
— Vanessa Rogers, No Frills Twins, singer/songwriter/artist

The twins have toured with Sheppard and the Veronicas, are admired by Boy George, they were featured in Teen Vogue in 2014 before any real traction from their YouTube channel, but simply because of who they are. And Vanessa and Arna are very, very special. 

They direct all their film clips, have a huge say in the production of their music, style themselves and each other, and are currently studying a course in accounting to get a handle on their music business. Epic. Enjoy this conversation!

NB: Vanessa and Arna spoke with Music Love editor Julie Kerr at Universal Music, Sydney, in a busy foyer. Please forgive any distractions, especially the woman who took a phone call right by the trio towards the end.  



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Love Me Tender is out now. Follow the No Frills Twins on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

   Dying to be Thin, God Bless The Internet and Love Me Tender have all been added to Music Love's  Where Art and Music Meet playlist

Dying to be Thin, God Bless The Internet and Love Me Tender have all been added to Music Love's Where Art and Music Meet playlist