In case you missed it, New Zealand's latest musical export Openside is a band you need to get in your ears

Openside Possum Plows

Possum Plows is the impressive front person for New Zealand's rad new four piece, Openside. The band hails from Auckland and their latest single I Feel Nothing is pure pop magic with Possum's slick voice front and centre.

Openside - which also features musicians PJ Shepherd, Harry Carter and George Powell -  released a wonderful video to accompany the tune that was filmed in California and directed by Shae Sterling (who has worked with fellow Kiwis Jamie McDell, Stan Walker and Brooke Fraser).

Possum says, “We were out in the California desert for two days in the 40 degree heat with no budget for fancy things like air conditioned trailers – it was just us carrying our gear from location to location with Shae doing the camerawork himself with no crew.”

Openside have opened for Ellie Goulding, Ladyhawke, Twenty One Pilots, and have recently announced they will support their heroes, Fall Out Boy, in an upcoming show in their home city.

Originally inspired by punk/emo vibes, Openside is now headed in the direction of pop, but still manages to maintain the essence of their original musical intention, and I Feel Nothing captures a fresh new sound. 

Check it out.

I Feel Nothing is out now.