Need a Friday dance tune? Look no further than the new release from New Zealand's beat boss Estère

Estère . Image by  Shamima Lone.

Estère. Image by Shamima Lone.

Have you heard of Estère? Hailing from New Zealand this producer/singer/songwriter/rapper/engineer/everything is turning heads for her get-you-off-your-feet beats.

Estère's self titled debut album was unleashed in 2015 receiving praise from super cool music bloggers from around the world, and country-wide radio play across the land of the long white cloud.

Riding on the successful coattails of Estère's airplay and acclaim, last year she released My Design Pt I featuring a crisp little number called Control Freak among others. 

Not only is Estère oozing with the gift of groove, she has also worked as a tutor in anthropology at the University of Wellington. Plus, Estère delivered a Ted Talk entitled Girls in The Beat World, and gosh darn it make sure you take 16 minutes to watch and learn a thing or two here.

But not before you hear her brand new single Rent from her upcoming release My Design On Others' Lives which serves as part two to last year's album.

Put it on, and let Estère's song and spirit get you moving.

Rent is out now.