Alex Lahey appears on the Seth Meyers show. Smashes it out of the ball park like the pro she is.

Alex lahey Seth Meyers.jpg

Late last year, Alex Lahey opened a notification on her phone that she had been tagged in a post by the American music website and authority Pitchfork. It took a few minutes to process the fact that her single You Don't Think You Like People Like Me had been named best new track. She yelled out to her mum, who didn't really get it, was proud anyway, and then Alex went to work to field a whole bunch of text messages, and the whole thing was quite surreal. You can read our interview with Alex about that here.

Seventeen months later, that endorsement has proven to be the catalyst for Alex's launch into the US, and just last night, she was invited to make her American television debut on the Seth Meyers show to sing her single Everyday's The Weekend. And as you will see below, she absolutely smashed it.

This is the second Aussie woman to take their talents to American television this week with Amy Shark performing two nights ago on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

Alex Lahey is currently on tour in the US, and her album I Love You Like A Brother is out now