Angel Olsen brings her A Game to the first release of her B Sides in a super special tune, Special. Check out her self directed video here.

Angel Olsen

Indie folk come rock star Angel Olsen is about to release a collection of B-Side tunes in a record scheduled to hit the music shelves and streams on 10 November. Her first single Special came out a few weeks ago, and now Angel has unleashed a super spesh new music video to accompany it. She says, "Special always felt like a band song to me, something to lose track of ourselves in. It didn't quite fit the rest of [my last album] MY WOMAN and was a major deciding factor on whether or not it would mean a double LP. MY WOMAN came out and I kept thinking about the song and wanting to play it anyway.” And we are so glad that even a bit delayed, we get to hear it.

Put it on repeat and let the droney sparkly guitars and vocals drench your ears in anticipation of her album Phases, coming out in a fortnight. 

My friend came to visit me for a week and I had all these grand ideas about how to make another video. But it’s been a long year of touring and videos and pressure to keep on being important or interesting. So I woke up the next day and changed my mind, deciding it would be best to just capture the days we were hanging and to occasionally have the camera up. Those days were some of the hardest and also sweetest of the summer. We spent much of the time talking about the current state of affairs and how everyone has been going through tremendous change and having to make hard choices. Maybe it’s just this year, but it feels that we’re entering a new era, one that requires us to really pay more attention to the world and ourselves in it. What I realized is that going through a hard time and talking about it with friends makes you feel your friendships and who you are, and sometimes it takes a weird year to recognise what you still have.
— Angel Olsen, singer/songwriter
Phases by Angel Olsen

Phases by Angel Olsen is out November 10. Pre-order here

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Phases has been added to Music Love's  Women in Rock playlist

Phases has been added to Music Love's Women in Rock playlist

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