Courtney Marie Andrews begs for kindness to remain with her breathtaking new single. You have to hear this

Courtney Marie Andrews May Your Kindness Remain

"If your money runs out and your good looks fade, may your kindness remain," is the haunting refrain from the first chorus of Arizona's heart warming singer/songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews' gorgeous new song May Your Kindness Remain. The release of this gripping record out today comes with the wonderful news that Courtney will be releasing a new album of the same name in March this year.

With a voice and a sentimental sensibility in the same vein as Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy, Courtney Marie Andrews is one of the fastest rising artists of the last couple of years. Pop the kettle on, take a listen while sipping on your morning beverage, and then show some extra kindness today.

The new album follows the success of Courtney's critically acclaimed 2016 release Honest Life.

People are constantly chasing that bigger life. A lot of people are poor in America—and because of those unattainable goals, they’re also mentally unstable, or sad, or depressed or unfulfilled. A lot of people—myself included at some point in my life—are loving somebody through this. That’s sort of the theme of the record: coming to terms with depression and the reality of the world we’re living in.
— Courtney Marie Andrews, singer/songwriter
May Your Kindness Remain Courtney Marie Andrews