Despite their youth, Black Summer and Chloe Campbell excel in their new single Sadness

Chloe Campbell Black Summer Sadness

Producer Rhys Toms was Unearthed by triple j at just eleven years old in 2015. Now, with three years under his belt, the fourteen year old artistically known as Black Summer, is racking up experiences and skills. His single Young Like Me made waves here and abroad in 2017 earning Black Summer festival spots and radio play. 

The latest record to come from the teen prodigy is called Sadness, and the wunderkind producer has teamed up with Chloe Campbell, an 18 year old singer from the Bahamas.

Campbell's voice is emotive, energetic, strong and expressive, and is the perfect lead for Sadness. 

While Campbell is a seventh generation Bahamian, she has been splitting her time between LA and the Bahamas capital Nassau as she continues to work on her music.

The pair met up in LA to film the music video and Toms says, "We shot the video while Chloe and I were both in LA…the story of the video is two people who are trying to connect but they can’t get to the same place at the same time.  Like in the song, they’re in two different mindframes.”.

The production is beautifully crafted and arranged as Campbell's voice cuts through the dark muted synths and epic beats.

Despite their youth, both Toms and Campbell bring professionalism and excellence - bookmark their names.

 Sadness is out 23 March