Eat Your Heart Out's Caitlin Henry: We could see there was a revival in rock, especially on our end of the spectrum, and it's awesome.

Eat Your Heart Out Caitlin Henry

Caitlin Henry grew up in a music loving family in Newcastle. "My earliest memories are of Creedance Clearwater Revival blaring from the cassette," the now 21 year old recalls on a phonecall.

Caitlin fronts an emo band called Eat Your Heart Out which formed when she was fifteen years old with some friends - Andrew Anderson, Will Moore, Dom Cant and Jake Cronin - from her high school. They mucked around with songs and performances, but Caitlin says, "It was only in mid 2015 that we started taking it seriously. That was the year of learning how to do things and how everything works." It was that year that the humble band from the city of steelworks came into contact with Californian rock band Movements. The two bands were working with the same producer Zach Tuch. As fate would have it, Movements' record label Fearless ended up signing Eat Your Heart Out. "They're part of the reason we got signed. We had this cool relationship with them."

This meeting of the two young and equally ambitious bands led to a collaboration, and last month, Eat Your Heart Out released a track called Conscience featuring Movements' lead singer Patrick Miranda. It's a match made in emo heaven.

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Caitlin's voice floats above the solid beats, her chops characterised with long smooth clear notes, void of the vibrato that comes with being nervous, or fragile, and complete with her warm Australian accent - something she'd never really heard others do when the band first formed. "We hadn't really heard any other singers in bands  [sing in an Australian accent] and then we started hearing Alex Lahey and Courtney Barnett and we were like, this is awesome, we are not the only ones doing this."

Caitlin takes her musical career very seriously, and caring for her voice is paramount. "I don't smoke or drink or anything like that."

Belonging to the Aussie accent club is part of a wider acceptance into Australia's rock and roll fold which means the world to Caitlin and the guys. 

"In the last year or so, especially around Sydney, we've really been accepted into this community of rock musicians.... It's amazing to have those connections all around Australia and feel so included."

And Eat Your Heart Out is thrilled to be part of this movement in rock - a genre which so often threatens to be on the cusp of extinction.

"We could see there was a revival here, especially on our end of the spectrum - the emo side - and it's awesome."

With the release of Conscience comes the EP Mind Games, plus the announcement that Eat Your Heart Out will be supporting Canadian boy band Simple Plan on their upcoming Australian tour.

"Even though they're a nostalgia band, they're still really relevant. They're always expanding which is really a testament to them. And we'll be playing bigger venues than we've ever played before."

Eat Your Heart Out is a band to keep your eye out for as they grow and develop - more songs, more shows and undoubtedly, more fans. 

Mind Games is out Now. Eat Your Heart Out is on tour with Simple Plan in April. All info on Facebook. 

Eat Your Heart Out Mind Games