Georgia Nott of Broods fame releases a brand new song collaborating with women - from the art direction to the engineering. And it is so beautiful. Listen here

Georgia Nott
It really struck me at some point, that more often than not when I go into the studio, the producer is a guy, and the engineer is a guy, and I guess most of the time I’m the only girl in the room. Often it’s the same on tour or when we’re playing live.
— Georgia Nott, singer/songwriter

It is with this sentiment that one half of New Zealand electronic duo Broods Georgia Nott today releases a brand new single as part of a new passion endeavour called The Venus Project. The track titled Won't Hurt is so lovely, heartfelt and modern, and heralds the announcement of the forthcoming album The Venus Project: Vol 1. Naturally, the release date is 8 March - International Women's Day. 

Collaborating with producer Ceci Gomez, Broods' touring keyboardist Camila Mora, Won't Hurt was mixed by Adrianne ‘AG’ Gonzalez, mastered by Emily Lazar,  project managed by Sherry Elbe, working with photographer Catie Laffoon and illustrator Ashley Lukashevsky - and the result is breathtakingly beautiful. 

The women involved in this project might not be well known, but they’re all so passionate about what they do, 24/7, just constantly driven – they don’t turn it on and off when it suits, they are living and breathing their creativity and standing up for themselves, and those are the kind of people I wanted to shine a light on.
— Georgia Nott, singer/songwriter

If this is what it sounds like when there are more women involved, bring on more of the same please. 

Won't Hurt is out now.