How lead singer of Sunscreen Sarah Sykes was inspired by all women indie pop rock band Body Type.

Sunscreen. Image by  Daisy Hofstetter

Sunscreen. Image by  Daisy Hofstetter

I never picked up a guitar as a teenager because I don’t think I had any female role models. All the people playing guitars were guys. As a teenager I had in my head that I couldn’t play guitar, as stupid as it sounds.
— Sarah Sykes, lead singer, Sunscreen

It was three in the afternoon when the brand new band who had been working hard rehearsing and writing in a sweaty garage in Newtown, took to the stage for their very first show. The crowd numbered around ten people. Everyone was sober. The daylight was obvious. This was Sydney rock outfit Sunscreen's debut. Lead singer Sarah Sykes, occupant of the aforementioned garage where the music was conceived, left the stage and started to cry. 

Thankfully, this "you-gotta-start-somewhere" experience didn't discourage Sarah and her band mates from continuing on. Since that weekend, Sunscreen have continued writing and performing, and have forged a very cool sound. Lead guitarist Alexander MacDonald has a penchant for wonderfully compelling guitar tones and hooks, Sarah's fascinating voice is created for nothing if not rock, and the two band together with a tight rhythm section consisting of bass player Jett Thomson and drummer Hugo Levingston. 

Today Sunscreen have released their EP Just A Drop which comes after two very well received singles Voices and Tide.

Sarah grew up in Newcastle and learned to play the saxophone and keyboard - actually, she still plays keys for Sydney band Flowertruck - but says as a teenager, she never tried the guitar, telling Music Love, "I never picked up a guitar as a teenager because I don't think I had any female role models. All the people playing guitars were guys. As a teenager I had in my head...  that I couldn't play guitar, as stupid as it sounds." Then she moved to Sydney and felt more confident to try it as she came into contact with more women in music.

Sarah has been particularly inspired by indie pop rockers Body Type. "[Body Type] give me a lot of inspiration and encouragement just because... I used to think there were only boys around me playing music, and no women. It's really awesome and encouraging to have friends now who are females my age playing the same style as music like me."

Apart from loving their music, Sarah also says the fact that two of the members of Body Type work in the industry brought her so much hope. "Sophie and Cecil ... work in music which is really really inspiring for me because... I've always been a little but intimidated by the music business, because I've never seen a lot of females working in music."

It's the classic case of you can be what you can see, and Just A Drop is evidence of what can happen when women support other women in music.

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