Introducing multi-instrumentalist and talented lyricist Lola Scott. Her brand new single Hush is your Friday fire.

Lola Scott

Lola Scott is an exciting new artist from the southern highlands of NSW, and is undoubtedly making a name for herself in Sydney's musical community. A multi-instrumentalist and talented lyricist, Scott is a gifted artist with a fresh sound. And today, Scott releases her brand new single Hush - a song and sound that explores power and vulnerability in equal measure. 

Tell us how you first started in music. 

I was introduced to a lot of different styles of music from a very young age. My Dad was into a lot of new-wave punk like Joy Division. He also introduced me to Bjork who was my favourite artist growing up. Her and Avril Lavigne. My first memory of playing music was when I was about 5 in a group piano class. I picked up guitar when I was 8 through group lessons at lunchtime in primary school. Later in high school I fell in love with Francisco Tarrega so I studied classical and flamenco style guitar.

My biggest influence from growing up in the ‘country’ is probably the amount of free time you have because of the lack of things to do so I had a lot of time to practise.

You are a multi instrumentalist. What is your favourite instrument to play? 

Definitely guitar.

Tell us about the song Hush

I originally wrote Hush for a different band but then one of my best friends told me that it was the best song I’d written and that I should keep it for myself. I feel like Hush opened up a whole new style of songwriting for me so then I decided to create Lola Scott.

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Who are your favourite artists?

Wolf Alice, Middle Kids, Margaret Glassy, Billy Eilish, Dorsal Fins… I have too many favourites to name them all.

What was the last piece of art you saw that impacted you?’

My mum is an artist so the last piece of art I saw was hers. Her art always impacts me because a lot of the time she paints portraits of our family members (including the dogs). She always pushed me to follow my passions rather than worry about income so now I am broke. Thanks Mum! Jks.

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

A: I am really excited to work with new people to create music and to release the new songs I have been working on. I’m also looking forward to touring Europe in June/July.

Hush is out now and Lola Scott plays Lazy Bones Lounge Marrickville on Friday 27 April. Details here