Meet Eliott whose voice will have you experiencing every emotional thing. Her new song Over and Over is your perfect melancholy Easter weekend feeler

Eliott Over and Over

We are immersed in a world of pop and alt-pop and indie-pop, and while that means epic beats and new sonics, sometimes the vocal is highly treated, soul-less and if you were to hear the singer live, it would be a bit of a let down. So it is refreshing to hear a vocal that you just know would land live with an old upright piano or scratchy nylon string guitar. Enter singer/songwriter Eliott.

Eliott has two singles out - Figure it Out and Over and Over before her debut EP comes out next month.

Figure it Out was warmly received and now with her current song Over and Over, her sound is solidified. Eliott's voice is mature, controlled, but most importantly, immensely moving. The lyrics make you lean in, and the production supports strong melodies and hooks. And just when you are in the zone, a middle eight kicks in and the song is soaring, and Eliott's voice opens up into a warm wail.

Music Love had a wee get-to-know-you chat with Eliott - a singer/songwriter in the truest sense, which simply means her music is really, really good. 

Tell us about your music

I like to think my music is quite honest and organic. I’m a singer songwriter, so it’s important for me to engage the audience with lyrics and vocals – leaving instrumentation and production to support the voice and the message I’m trying to get across.

How did you get into singing and songwriting?

I started singing when I was quite young, I was always singing at school events, musicals etc. I think I picked up a guitar at around twelve years old, and slowly stared writing my own songs.

How do you look after your voice?

Lots and lots of lemon and ginger tea. Also I think just keeping healthy, and exercise (trying to do that more).

What was the last thing that blew your mind in an artistic sense?

I saw Missy Higgins play at the Royal Botanical Gardens. I’d never seen her play before. It was such a special night, I was there with my mum who I always listened to her with. Missy was kinda ‘our thing’ so it was just a beautiful night - man that lady can tell a story.

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Tell us about Over and Over

Over and Over is about a reliable kind of love.  A kind of friendship/love you can go months, years without, but when you come back to it after that time not much has changed, it’s easy.

I wrote Over and Over in the studio with Jack Grace and Lucian Blomkamp. They’re both super talented so I feel very lucky to have worked on this track with them!

What can people expect to hear at a show?

For me, I’m a singer songwriter, so the vocals are at the forefront of the performance with instrumentation acting as a support. I hope it’s quite engaging and intimate... lots of ambient sounds and special moments.

I’m a singer songwriter, so it’s important for me to engage the audience with lyrics and vocals
— Eliott, singer and songwriter

What is the next thing you are super excited about?

I’m doing a writing trip in April with a bunch of musicians to work on my project. Should be such a fun week!

Who are your favourite women in music?

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Julia Jacklin. Her songwriting is super honest and direct, and I love that. 

Also Missy Higgins. For me the album The Sound Of White is the centerpiece of my musical influences growing up.

Over and Over is out now