Starley is back with a new single (after a few US TV appearances, like Jimmy Kimmel, GMA, Today, what not). Oh and her debut single Call On Me has clocked over 423,000,000 streams

Starley Touch Me Music Love

Starley has been taking the world by storm. We have been following her career since we launched last year. The headline for our interview with the singer/songwriter who literally wrote "one more song" before threatening to give up on the music industry - was "Starley nearly walked away from music & wrote a song in her despair. She now has 13 million monthly listeners." Well at the time of writing, she has clocked up 423,578,352 streams on Spotify for her hit single Call On Me. 

And she has been working hard, performing, touring, and making her mark in the US and Europe. Starley has performed on Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America and the Today show. She has also been busy writing and recording. Her new single Touch Me was released last week. We caught up with Starley Hope about her magical roller-coaster ride. 

Starley Touch Me Music Love


Last time we caught up, your song Call on Me was blowing up! Since then what have you been working on?

Well, I was on the road with Clean Bandit for a month this Spring on my first ever tour. I also just released my second single Touch Me and am now in Europe promoting both records! Other than that, I've just been writing and working on new records! 

What has been your favourite day in 2017?

That's a tough one. This year has been absolutely insane and each favourite day seems to get replaced by a new one all the time!

How is it doing US TV appearances? Which has been your most favourite?

They are so fun! My favourite so far would have to be Kimmel because it was fun creating that performance! I was levitating, there were dancers, etc. I will say, though, I've loved all the shows I've performed on. The crew for the Today Show and Good Morning America were awesome and each performance was incredibly memorable!


Tell us about your new release

Touch Me is a flip on the 90's record Tell Me by Groove Theory. I've always loved that record and happen to know [New York record producer and songwriter] Bryce Wilson. One day I asked him if I could flip his record and with his blessing I went in and Touch Me came out. The record is fun and catchy. I felt it was a good follow up to Call on Me!

Are you gaining more and more confidence as an artist and songwriter?

Every time I do something new, like perform on TV or perform at an arena, etc., I'm super nervous about it. However, once I get through that first experience, it becomes more fun and I feel more at ease. So the confidence is definitely coming in new ways, everyday!

Any album soon?

Working on it!

Will you be back in Oz anytime soon?

It's a possibility! :)

What next?

More music, more shows, more dancing.... 

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One night, this song just poured out of me. It became a way of telling myself it was going to be okay; almost like an encouragement. It was as if I had created my own lighthouse; a beacon to help me realise my dreams are not impossible. I can do this. I’ll figure it out. I just need to follow my intuition and essentially, call on myself.
— Starley, singer/songwriter
Starley's song  Touch Me has been added to Music Love's  Pump It Up  Playlist and Call on Me is on Music Love's   Inspire Me  playlist

Starley's song Touch Me has been added to Music Love's Pump It Up Playlist and Call on Me is on Music Love's  Inspire Me playlist