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All Our Exes Live In Texas. The four women having the most rollicking good time with the sweetest of harmonies.

There is nothing quite like well placed harmonies - voices that compliment each other in emotion and tone. It's rare and it's so satisfying when you hear it. Harmonies aren't super common in mainstream contemporary music. Enter country/folk group All Our Exes Live In Texas. Four women - Hannah Crofts, Georgia Mooney, Elana Stone, and Katie Wighton - who have come together with their guitar, ukuleles and mandolin, and added their sweet voices and harmonies for days, weeks, years. And everyone is paying attention. All Our Exes Live In Texas are super gifted musicians, great friends and seem to having a heck of a time doing what they love. Band member Georgia Mooney gave Music Love this interview speaking about their time at SXSW, their new album, how they formed and their unusual name.

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A conversation with ARIA Award winning Sally Whitwell

Where to start. Sally Whitwell's list of skills and achievements are diverse, impressive, above and beyond. Pianist -  both as a soloist and accompanist - arranger, teacher, conductor and composer. Sally is well known and highly-regarded in the classical musical community and beyond, and generously gave her time to speak to Music Love about her career to date, her thoughts on this year's controversial Best Classical Album ARIA Award win (the 2016 Fine Arts and Artisan Awards were announced a few weeks ago), her deep love for choirs, advice for kids who are learning an instrument and encouragement for people who may be apprehensive of classical music.  

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