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Alanna Eileen creates music that will still your heart and take your breath away

Alanna Eileen's voice is pure and warm. Somehow both gentle and powerful, the sound of its refrains has the power to simultaneously move you and stop you in your tracks. Raised by a musical father, Alanna has spent countless hours immersed in classical and traditional music, escaping to the orchestra as a teen on a Friday night, and committing her time to learn ancient ancient Irish, Scottish and English folk songs. It is never a good idea to compare artists with other artists, but the comparison must be made between Alanna and Jewel, but not in a token way. The comparison is made to highlight that Alanna Eileen, while similar in tone and spirit to Jewel, possesses a rare gift that could grace any stage in the world and silence audiences night after night. 

Alanna took time to talk with Music Love all about her dedication to her craft, life in Australia and her upcoming full length release which she recently recorded in New Zealand. 

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