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Sam Buckingham releases brand new album The Water. And it is just lovely.

We profiled singer/songwriter Sam Buckingham back in February when she released her single The Water. Well, her full length album is finally here, and it's just beautiful! Sam performs a duet with Timothy James Bowen, (whose music you must listen to. He is the brother of US TV show Nashville star Clare Bowen, and an absolute pleasure to watch live and also to listen to in your loungeroom - check him out!), and how she wrote a very special track called Jolene which is in response to the very famous Dolly Parton song. Sam is about to head out on tour, and caught us up on how she is feeling about the new release. 

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Sam Buckingham is a gifted singer/songwriter who was mentioned in Amanda Palmer's New York Time's best-seller, and didn't even realise

Sam Buckingham is a a breath of fresh air. The Sydney-born singer/songwriter now dwells in Byron Bay and her latest single The Water was written for a friend going through a very dark time. Though the subject matter heavy, the sound is instantly mood-lifting, light and hopeful. am took the time to talk to Music Love about her travels, crowd-funding, and the time she had coffee with Amanda Palmer. 

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