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Diana Anaid is back. It's been nearly twenty years since her epic hit "I Go Off", but her goal is still the same - to offer healing to the disempowered.

Diana Anaid took some time to chat with Music Love about her new album, how the Australian industry has changed over time, and how her quest to help the disenfranchised hasn't changed -  in fact, it burns stronger than ever.

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Kate Miller-Heidke on her stunning new album recorded with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra: "I'm really proud of it. It represents the pinnacle of what I ever thought I could achieve with my music."

In this conversation with Music Love's Julie Kerr, Kate Miller-Heidke says the times when her musical pathway has been a bit bumpy, have motivated her to keep creating and making new works. And that's why we love and admire her discipline and talent - who, by the way, has a heck of a lot more to offer. 

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