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Helen Shanahan - the stunning singer/songwriter from Perth whose honesty, melodies, and generosity, will make your spirit rise

Upon hearing Perth songstress Helen Shanahan's new song I Only Hide, it is easy to be reminded how compelling organic instrumentation, a good recording room, an alluring voice, and a great story or message can be. Such is the case for Helen who has been laying down music since 2009 with her debut EP Girl in Love. Since then, she has gone on to record a second EP Finding Gold in 2015 to much acclaim, and to be a recipient of the Telstra Road to Discovery Award. Clare Bowditch, with whom Helen once performed a duet, said, “I did not know Helen before I heard her sing. Once I heard her sing, I couldn't un-hear it: she has such talent, such a beautiful voice." Helen has recently taken herself over to Nashville, and into the talented hands and ears of producer Brad Jones. He and Helen spent ten days working on her debut full length release. They have created a wonderful recording in the first single I Only Hide, released a couple of weeks back, which leads to much excited anticipation for the rest of the album due out in the coming months. Helen chats to Music Love about her new confessional song I Only Hide, its accompanying video which deals with how her anxiety makes her feel like two people sometimes, her musical pathway so far, and hot chicken in Nashville.

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