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Honesty is Sarah Humphreys' hook and her multi-faceted voice can belt out or whisper the truth depending on what she wants to say. Either way, we'll keep on listening.

Sarah Humphreys is one of the most honest artists in Australia. Wearing her heart on her sleeve with every note she sings, and with a voice that carries conviction, her fans have watched her artistry unfold over the years. The songstress from NSW's Central Coast has continued to move forward as her musical projects and endeavours continue to reveal more and more of her beautiful, raw self. Honesty remains Sarah Humphreys' hook and her multi-faceted voice can belt out or whisper the truth depending on what she wants to say. Either way, we keep on listening. Sarah took some time out of her life as an artist and mother to talk about art and motherhood, her latest album, and her favourite Australian women in music. 

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Meet songstress and visual artist Missy Gilbert from Ginger and the Ghost: "The secrets lie in my Pinterest boards!"

There is a growing appetite for mixing original music with impacting imagery on stages and screens among an increasing number of artists in Australia. Music Love will strive to feature more visual artist/songstress hybrids (hit us up, people, also a playlist is coming!), and it is with this sentiment in mind that it is only right to highlight the works conceived by Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne from avant garde duo Ginger and the Ghost. When it comes to costumes and stage shows, make-up and storytelling, Ginger and the Ghost have got it down pat. "Transforming imagination into song" is the catch cry of the pair who have used body percussion and bicycle wheels in order to achieve a rich soundscape subservient to the tales they wish to tell since their formation in 2012. With popular songs like Where Wolf and One Type of Dark featuring the vibrating feminine and emotive tones of Missy's voice, Ginger and the Ghost have a brand new song out this week, the powerful anthem Glow. Missy chatted with Music Love about her art, her inspiration, her work as a costume designer and installation artist, and the last thing she saw that blew her imagination away.

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UPDATED: BEL. Where art, music and fashion meet. The multi-disciplinary artist's debut EP Melancholia is out today. And it's a stunner.

BEL's much anticipated EP Melancholia is now released and will be celebrated with an art extravaganza in Melbourne next week. We checked in with BEL to see how she was feeling about it all. BEL is an electronic artist whose music is making waves.  We seem to find ourselves in a moment of experimental music accompanied with envelope-pushing imagery - Music Love will be exploring this with more interviews, features and playlists, so keep your eyes and ears out - BEL encapsulates the current zeitgeist.

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Meet Kathleen Mary Lee and fall in love

Kathleen Mary Lee is destined for great things. An artist in the truest sense of the word, this Melbourne based songstress is also a gifted film maker. Her songs stop you in your tracks, her films do the same. here is much more to say, but the music, poetry and accompanying visuals will speak for themselves. Kathleen spoke with Music Love about collaborating with her dad, her debut EP, and how self conscious she was of her voice singing for the first time in front of peeople in a hostel off the coast of Ireland. 

Meet Kathleen Mary Lee and fall in love. 

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Meet Angharad Drake: A beautiful dulcimer playing folk artist who gets her RM Williams boots wet

Angharad Drake has been making music since high school. The Sunshine Coast based singer, songwriter and producer has five recordings under her belt. And she is only 24. Her music is a nod to UK singer/songwriter and lady boss Laura Darling as well as Argentinian indie-folk sensation José González, but Angharad is most certainly an artist in her own right; not contrived or mimicky in the slightest, like some modern folk acts tend to be.  Angharad took some time to speak with Music Love about songwriting, her influential family, and how she got her RM Williams boots wet in her music video for Baby while filming in Somerset Dam, Queensland.

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