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Queensland Music Festival series: Katie Noonan has one of Australia's most iconic voices, and implores each of us to use our voice for those who have been silenced

s there a more iconic voice in Australia's living memory than that of Katie Noonan? The voice that transcends genres, tells countless stories, honours the art, poetry and music of those who have gone before her, and encourages those who come after her. Katie Noonan has won four ARIA Awards and sold countless albums. She has traversed the Australian music landscape doing everything from performing with esteemed orchestras and ensembles, to gracing the airwaves of independent and commercial radio stations, performing on breakfast TV, in great halls and arenas, regional festivals, and intimate lounges. Beyond music, Katie has been invited to be a panellist on ABC's QandA program, and has also been appointed to be the Artistic Director of the Queensland Music Festival. It is here that she is doing perhaps her most important work: fostering the art and music of Queensland, of which she says is redefining itself in the national arts landscape. In this interview with Music Love, Katie talks about her request for voices and choirs everywhere to come together and sing John Farnham's iconic hit You're The Voice, in order to shine a light on domestic violence. Katie has has no doubt mastered the art of writing original works and interpreting the works of others in the freshest of ways, and now wants to use her voice, and ours, to amplify the voice of those who have been silenced. What a treasure.  

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A conversation with ARIA Award winning Sally Whitwell

Where to start. Sally Whitwell's list of skills and achievements are diverse, impressive, above and beyond. Pianist -  both as a soloist and accompanist - arranger, teacher, conductor and composer. Sally is well known and highly-regarded in the classical musical community and beyond, and generously gave her time to speak to Music Love about her career to date, her thoughts on this year's controversial Best Classical Album ARIA Award win (the 2016 Fine Arts and Artisan Awards were announced a few weeks ago), her deep love for choirs, advice for kids who are learning an instrument and encouragement for people who may be apprehensive of classical music.  

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