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Sia has a brand new Christmas album, with not one traditional carol to be found.

If you needed more proof of Sia's talent, get ready for her brand new Christmas album. On 17 November, Everyday is Christmas will be released to the world bringing joyous tidings and much merriment. But make no mistake, this is not a typical Christmas album. Sia has written ten original songs inspired by the holidays. And it's wonderful.

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Move over Mariah. 10 Australian women who also get festive for the holidays. Summer holidays.

Christmas time is upon us. A time when Mariah Carey and Bing Crosby get a huge thrashing the world over. But if you're searching for something a little sunnier and a tad more local, we have compiled a list of Christmas albums by Australian women for your listening pleasure. So while you're mixing the seafood cocktail sauce for your prawns, or assembling a mango and raspberry pavlova, hit shuffle play on our Spotify Music Love Christmas Playlist. While the winter references may still be there, it's worthwhile knowing these women know what a hot Aussie Christmas Day entails! Meanwhile here are eight shout outs to Aussie women in Holiday Music (in no particular order)!

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