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A conversation with Karin Schaupp, award-winning classical guitarist and the actor who inspired David Williamson to write a play just for her

Karin Schaupp is an award-winning, highly and widely acclaimed classical guitar player. Winning hearts and awards, inspiring composers to write for her, collaborating with orchestras, ensembles, soloists, and expanding her musical horizons is par for the course for Karin who was trained by her mother since she was a small girl. Born in Germany, Karin moved to Queensland at just eight years old, and went on to study music at the University of Queensland, leaving with First Class Honours, a Masters degree and University Gold Medal. And since then the performances, awards and achievements have kept coming. Karin has performed all over the world for millions taking to the stage and screen to dazzle audiences with her musicianship and touch.  Karin kindly took the time to talk to Music Love about being taught by her mother, collaborating with Katie, and how very special it was to perform in Lottes Gift, the story of her grandmother's life.

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