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Episode 11: Michelle Grace Hunder is one of the world's leading hip hop photographers, and the founder of Her Sound, Her Story

Michelle Grace Hunder speaks with Music Love's editor Julie Kerr about her career as one of the world's best hip-hop photographers, and also the founder of an all women in music portrait and documentary series called Her Sound Her Story. Julie talks to Michelle about women in music, the changing face of hip hop,  women in photography, Iggy Azalea, and how important photo journalism is to document and the music scene. 

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ALPHAMAMA on performing at the Sydney Women's March, and how it inspired the release of her new song Stranger In Asia

ALPHAMAMA, an entrepreneurial artist who is constantly pushing her musical and personal self and boundaries. ALPHAMAMA's live shows comprise of her jazz, soul, hip hop, world music fusions, poetry, rap and are by all accounts deeply spiritual. ALPHAMAMA's musings about a woman's place in the world come through with each new song, thought, and image, and her new song, Stranger in Asia is no exception. In this interview with Music Love, ALPHAMAMA discusses the Women's March, balancing business and art, and how she believe politics and music should inform each other.

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