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Kasey Chambers' new album Campfire could be her most important life work. "I've always known that I would make this album."

Despite her especially busy year, the time to work on this special life project that had been in Kasey Chambers’ heart for many, many years, was now. Like not knowing when a woman will go into labour to birth a child, when the time came, the time was right.

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Meet The Buckleys, the country sibling trio who are making waves here and in the world's country music capital Nashville. Oh, and they are all under eighteen.

Have you heard of rising country stars The Buckleys?Sarah Grace is seventeen, Lachlan is sixteen, and Molly is fourteen.  Which means they were first discovered in 2011 while busking at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, they were respectively eleven, ten and eight. So yeah, what were you doing when you were a tween?

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