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PREMIERE: Sarah Belkner and Diamond Duck's divine cover of The Beach Boys' "Lonely Sea" - an ambitious endeavour that more than delivers. Recorded for The Newsagency Sessions, Sydney

The fourth and sadly final installment from this  intimate series sees Sarah and Sydney duo Diamond Duck deliver a gorgeous version of The Beach Boy's avant garde masterpiece The Lonely Sea. An ambitious endeavour that delivers the goods. Sarah Belkner is clearly making her mark as a respectful, thoughtful and soul-filled artist whose innovative ideas and willingness to embrace other artists with open arms will result in a long-standing career in music. What a woman. 

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PREMIERE: Sarah Belkner and the Danaides' haunting cover of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" overflows with nostalgia and affection. Recorded for The Newsagency Sessions, Sydney

The third installment from this four part series features Sarah singing up a storm with Sydney local outfit the Danaides with a haunting cover of Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun - and with it all the memories of Chris Cornell's genius songwriting come flooding back. A worthy affectionate tribute. 

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