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Upload: Parissa Tosif from electronic duo Vallis Alps has a voice that will pluck at every one of your fragile heart strings

Welcome to upload^ where we flag new music from babes around the world. If you would like to be featured, fill in this form and introduce yourself! And now it's time for you to meet Parissa Tosif from electronic duo Vallis Alps. 

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Updated: Interview with the wonderfully diverse KLP: DJ, producer, lover of harmonies, radio host and panellist for our Vivid Ideas event in Sydney

Her star is rising, but Kristy Lee Peters is no overnight success. 

As the countdown to Music Love's Vivid Ideas event Pathway to Platform continues, we have been interviewing the panellists to give everyone a head start on just how much gold there will be on Saturday 10 June in Sydney. (By the way, did you know The Sydney Morning HeraldCollective HubBroadsheet SydneyVice and Pedestrian TV have all highlighted our event as one to be at?). So far we have profiled Vicki GordonJacqui Louez Schoorl, Dr Rita Crews OAMShefali Pryor, and our performers, Iluka, and Sophie Koh. Today, we wanted to re-run our interview with producer, artist, host of triple j's House Party and now head of her own record label KLP. She has just dropped a brand new song Changes and it's going great guns. Check it out. KLP is also on tour. You can get your tickets here! We look forward to hosting you at Vivid Ideas. In the meantime, enjoy a taster of the advice and stories of Kristy Lee Peters. 

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Electronic music is saturating the airwaves more than ever, but did you know the first synthesiser was built in 1929? And the extraordinary Meg Travers recreated it - learn all about the trautonium.

Meg Travers, a musician, archivist, digital preservation specialist, and PdD student at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, embarked on a journey during her study of electronic music to recreate this ancient synth, and presented it to the world last year with a Ted Talk. Meg is a unique woman in music. She is extremely passionate about early electronic instruments and is on a quest to preserve the world's understanding of ancient, analogue musical artefacts before we forget them altogether because of how fast technology is moving. Meg has degrees in music technology and is also a qualified radio technician. Aside from the trautonium, Meg has built other electronic musical instruments and creates soundscapes using ambient radio noise. She is also the musical director of a group called MotET, an industrial/electronic ensemble.Meg gave Music Love this interview of her musical pathway so far, what it was like to recreate this unique synthesiser, the process of trying to learn how to play it using only old audio and film recordings of the late Oskar Sala performing on it, and how she wishes more women would take a dive into the world of computer engineering.

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Meet Mari, Marisa and Jen: presenters and producers of an exciting radio show called Pink Noise

In 2016, three Sydney-based women - Marisa Marsionis, Jen Finnley and Mari Stuart -  came together and created Pink Noise, a fortnightly show that airs on Bondi Beach radio, and streams on their website. It's been one year since the first show that plays only plays music produced and performed by women as well as non-binary artists and DJs, in an effort to counter years of male only line ups in spaces that play electronic music. The first year has been a success, and in celebration Marisa, Jen and Mari have released the first of, what will be, many mixtapes. The Pink Noise Mixtape Vol. 1 is available as a free download via Bandcamp, and features twelve artists including Wallace and Mei Saraswati. Also, during Vivid Sydney this year, a special free event will be held at Cake Wines Cellar Door with live performances by BUOY, Jaala, GC O’Connor and more. Marisa, Jen and Mari gave Music Love this interview where they discuss their radio show and mixtape, their favourite Australian women in music, as well as some thoughts on whether or not men and women are biologically wired to hear differently.

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UPDATED: BEL. Where art, music and fashion meet. The multi-disciplinary artist's debut EP Melancholia is out today. And it's a stunner.

BEL's much anticipated EP Melancholia is now released and will be celebrated with an art extravaganza in Melbourne next week. We checked in with BEL to see how she was feeling about it all. BEL is an electronic artist whose music is making waves.  We seem to find ourselves in a moment of experimental music accompanied with envelope-pushing imagery - Music Love will be exploring this with more interviews, features and playlists, so keep your eyes and ears out - BEL encapsulates the current zeitgeist.

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