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Jessica O'Donoghue was highly skilled and trained in the art of opera, but chose to unlearn it all to find her true artistic self. Her new album title is fitting.

Ten years ago, the Australian soprano walked away from the world of opera. Despite being well on her way - Jessica once was invited to perform at London's Covent Garden - something just wasn't sitting right. Now, a decade later of unlearning opera and learning about her true artistic self, Jessica has just released a brand new EP called Emerge. And she's more content than ever. 

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Episode 5: Four women talk about forging a music career in Australia. Jazz artist Frances Madden, composer Ella Macens, indie-folk artist Hannah Robinson and electro pop artist Ruby May

On a cold night, a couple of days out from the beginning of Winter, Julie gathered four impressive music makers. All Australian, all women, and all under 25. One jazz singer, one composer, and two indie/pop artists, to talk all things music. What is like to independently build up your music business as an artist? Social media, marketing, artistry, down time, up-skilling, finding new people to present your music to, community radio, commercial radio, day jobs, wedding gigs, and more. Meet Hannah Robinson, Ruby May, Frances Madden and Ella Macens and learn all about the day to day lives of independent artists.

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Ella Macens and The National Women Composers Development Program: I couldn’t quite comprehend that I would be composing for such esteemed Australian ensembles and musicians

It may only be a couple of weeks into the working year, but already Ella Macens has composed two songs for Australia's leading vocal ensemble The Song Company. This driven and talented woman has just returned from an intense two weeks at the Gondwana Composer School being mentored by the Company's artistic director Antony Pitts and composer Paul Stanhope. Composing original works and having them performed by some of Australia's greatest choral and orchestral groups is not something many women have the opportunity of doing. However, Ella is about to head into her second year at a brand new Masters degree created by The University of Sydney called the National Women Composers Development Program. The NWCDP - rolls right off the tongue - aims to bring some change to the under representation of women composers in Australia, and indeed around the world.

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