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PODCAST: Episode 3 - Danielle McGrane, AAP's Entertainment Reporter and Presenter for the Right Note TV

Danielle McGrane is originally from Dublin, Ireland. Growing up around music, and landing a job with the iconic Hotpress magazine set the foundation for a career in music journalism. Seven years ago, Danielle arrived in Sydney landing a job with the Australian Associated Press (AAP). Eventually she became AAP's Entertainment Reporter covering everything from the ballet to live music to red carpets to orchestras to all things television and movies. Danielle's passion for Australian music has grown, and each week you can also find her presenting on The Right Note which is a web-based television show. Danielle sits alongside Bernard Zuel who is the music editor for Fairfax, and Rod Yates who is the Editor of Rolling Stone magazine in Australia. The Right Note is hosted by Lindsay "The Doctor" McDougall and in April 2017, wrapped up season one - 19 weekly episodes featuring album reviews and studio performances.

Danielle and Julie Kerr talk about true music journalism and resisting the urge to publish press releases, Danielle's colourful and interesting career and of course, Australian women in music.

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Danielle McGrane has chatted and taken selfies with Ed Sheeran, Amy Poehler and Kim Cattrall, but AAP's entertainment reporter's biggest passion is Australian music

Danielle McGrane has a pretty fun life. One day she's on a red carpet, another day she could be covering fashion shows, or attending Hollywood blockbuster movie premieres, theatre productions, ballets, rooftop gigs, operas, award shows, orchestral performances, perhaps even watching Jamie Oliver cook up a storm. All in a week's work when one is the entertainment reporter for the Australian Associated Press (AAP). Yet amidst the glitz, glamour and sparkly celebrities, Danielle remains transfixed on the Australian music scene. She is a part of a team of people who have created a program called The RIght Note which is a weekly music news and reviews online show featuring performances by some of Australia's best artists. She took the time to chat with Music Love all about her career in entertainment, her passion for local Australian music with some advice for aspiring music journalists and artists. 

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