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Music, visas, scholarships, journals. Tamara Hansson on what it's like to be an Aussie ex-pat in New York

Tamara Hansson is a singer and songwriter who has lived in London and Ney York in pursuit of her musical career. While only spending six months in London, Tamara has created a wonderful life for herself in New York City having lived there now for six years.

As we discovered with Lucy Mason, life abroad as an artist is no mean feat, filled with dark and dreamy days and Music Love truly admires all of the musical ex-pats living overseas away from the comforts of home and the wonderful experience of a daily flat white that many of us take for granted. Tamara spoke with Music Love about her life in New York, what visas and scholarships she applied for and won, her upcoming US tour, and spending Christmas Day in LAX after some unfortunate flight cancellations.

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