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All the women in the 2018 triple j Hottest 100

Last year sixteen women had performance credits in the Hottest 100. This year that number has more than doubled to 37.

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Jack River is the founder of a brand new show Electric Lady, featuring Australian artists alongside Australian astrophysicists, actresses and aeronautical engineers. And they are all women.

Jack River is a songwriter/producer/artist from NSW's mid north coast who came onto the scene last year with her debut EP Highway Songs No. 2. Audiences have instantly fallen in love with her music, and Jack River in undoubtedly one to listen to, especially if retro rock/folk/electro pop with a voice that can sound like Gwen Stefani or maybe even Courtney Love is your thing. If her music wasn't impressive enough, Jack River has dreamt up a brand new show called Electric Lady featuring an all-female line-up headlined by Bec Sandridge, Ali Barter, Gretta Ray, Alex Lahey, Jack River herself, and supported by girl groups Body Type and Rackett.  She has also decided if this is the moment for Australian women, and indeed women around the world, she wanted her fellow musicians to share the spotlight with extraordinary women doing very cool things. In the lead up to the event, Holly has curated a list of Australian women of note, including astrophysicist Dr Katherine Mack, surfer Tyler Wright, actress Isabel Lucas and aeronautical engineer Belinda Pavlovic. Holly took some time to tell Music Love all about Electric Lady, her long list of favourite Australian women in music, and how supportive the Australian music industry can be.

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Ali Barter has a brand new video out today, is on tour, dreaming up a brand new album between shows, writing a book, and wants us to know who Delia Derbyshire is. What a woman.

Ali Barter - where to start? Some might say this remarkable artist from Collingwood first came into national consciousness when her song Girlie Bits made triple j's Hottest 100. But Ali has actually been recording and performing music since 2012, and before that, she sang in the Australian Girls choir for a decade. Her latest album A Suitable Girl -  released in March this year after a couple of EPs and singles - is making waves for its musical sensibilities but also its underlying message of womens' strength. It would seem if there is one thing Ali is passionate about it is women in music. In an interview with The Right Note TV show, Ali tells Rolling Stone editor Rod Yates that she remembers sitting in a music history class and studying so many men in music, and was exasperated by the omission of women from music history. In December last year, her frustration led to a passionate Facebook post, which was removed at the request of university staff. Ali deleted the post but not long afterwards, her sentiments remained in a now widely shared opinion piece published on Junkee, the popular arts and culture website. In the piece, Ali references the many women who have been under represented and not celebrated enough when it comes to reciting music history. The feminist rocker brand is not one that Ali appears to be chasing, but her passion for women - past, present and future - in music, and more broadly art, is impossible to deny because it is something that is very deep rooted in who she is as a person. But that shouldn't distract from the fact that Ali Barter is an incredibly gifted, trained and dedicated musician, songwriter, performer, and creator of music full stop. On A Suitable Girl Ali Barter's clean, feminine voice is backed by super cool indie-rock licks and vibes, but her important underlying message to celebrate and speak up for  women is a brilliant, and necessary for our times, bonus. Ali Barter took some much appreciated time from her very busy career to give Music Love this interview where she talks about Australian women in music, looking after her voice, and the last thing she saw that blew her mind.

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