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The wonderfully gifted, gentle, and humble singer/songwriter Melanie Horsnell: "One thing I won’t do is bend to what’s cool.... I will not be influenced or harassed into trying to fit in."

The epitome of a consistent singer/songwriter who keeps inviting you over for cups of tea, chats and musings, Melanie Horsnell is an Australian angel we should all be proud of.

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Caiti Baker is one of of Australia's leading ladies of soul, but her journey has been marked with overcoming big struggles. She gets up close and personal in this must read interview.

When Caiti Baker opens up her mouth to sing, you are assaulted with soul, heart and brutal honesty. While she is a typical blues and soul artist influenced by Aretha, Etta and such, her music is not just a nod or tribute to the great sisters of roots and blues, rather Caiti herself has battled and overcome many struggles. Couple powerful stories of living with and through chronic fatigue, bipolar disorder and a time of separation from her dad - a formidable blues musician himself - with a musical sensibility and sophistication, and Caiti Baker has the je ne sais quoi to match the greats.

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Jen Cloher is undoubtedly one of Australia's greatest and most trustworthy leaders in the music industry, and says, "I've always gravitated towards my musical sisters."

Get Jen Cloher's  music into your ears and her business savvy into your brain. Jen spoke with Music Love about her music and the industry, and here, without edits are her musings on her album, balancing her professional and personal relationship with Courtney Barnett, and of course, her love for the musical sisterhood.

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