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Jessie Ryan-Allen's new film on gender: I'm excited about shedding a light on Australian music in a way that has previously been overlooked.

Artist and film composer Jessie Ryan-Allen has written a brand new documentary called Breaking The Mould which explores the role of gender in Australian music since the 1950s. 

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The wonderfully gifted, gentle, and humble singer/songwriter Melanie Horsnell: "One thing I won’t do is bend to what’s cool.... I will not be influenced or harassed into trying to fit in."

The epitome of a consistent singer/songwriter who keeps inviting you over for cups of tea, chats and musings, Melanie Horsnell is an Australian angel we should all be proud of.

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Queensland Music Festival: The Go-Betweens and special guests will re-create the iconic album 16 Lovers Lane. And drummer and music icon Lindy Morrison OAM says she can't wait.

The Queensland Music Festival, Lindy Morrison will come together with original The Go-Betweens band members Amanda Brown who sang and played violin and oboe, and bass player John Willsteed with other Australian musicians including Dan Kelly, to perform the album 16 Lovers Lane in full. Front man Robert Forster sadly won't be present. Instead, the songs will be performed by a bevvy of Australian talent including Katie and Tyrone Noonan, Steve Kilbey from The Church, Montaigne and Ball Park Music's Jen Boyce and Sam Cromack.

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