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The McClymonts are the much loved country trio who have been together for ten years. "We took every opportunity growing up, whether big or small."

Musical sister trio The McClymonts are celebrating ten years together since they were first signed as a group act. Growing up in NSW's Grafton, basking in country music, the three have embarked on a life in the studio and on the stage, both as a team and as individuals. . Their harmonies are iconic, their tunes are uplifting, and their fans are spread far and wide. As time as gone on, marriages, babies, and individual career opportunities have been par for the course, and life together as a family and a musical act is imaginably not without its challenges. Yet through the ups and the downs, The McClymonts have stuck it out and emerge happily to present their fifth full length record Endless. Middle sister Sam McClymont, who has also has been busy as a television presenter on Getaway as well as hosting Farmer Wants A Wife, took some time to chat with Music Love about their new album, how happy they all are at present, with some advice for aspiring musicians.

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