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Branded on my DNA: Kathy McCabe's love affair with music

Kathy McCabe is one of Australia's premier music writers and a gift to the music industry worldwide. She recently opened up about her life in music at a Women in Music networking event in Sydney, and Fenella Henderson-Zuel was there to capture this wonderful, illuminating conversation. 

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Episode 12: Poppy Reid is the Managing Editor of the largest music media publisher in Australia and offers some wonderful advice for artists and publicists alike.

In this conversation with Music Love's Julie Kerr, Managing Editor of Seventh Street Media Poppy Reid discusses her career so far, and offers advice and tips for artists who want to amplify their music to a targeted audience.

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Episode 4: Music Reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald and Rolling Stone Australia, Jessie Cunniffe.

Jessica Cunniffe is a music reviewer who has been providing album reviews for five years for the Sydney Morning Herald, and more recently, Rolling Stone Australia. Jess is from the Blue Mountains, NSW and one day when she was 19 years old and at the University of Western Sydney, she attended a lecture with Bernard Zuel whois the music editor for the SMH. She handed him a music review of Missy Higgins' album The Ole' Razzle Dazzle, which had been published in a local newspaper. He took it home, read it, and invited Jess to be one of his reviewers. In this conversation with Julie Kerr, Jess discusses the art of music reviewing and her thoughts on the future of music journalism. She also talks about her other music job which is as a piano teacher, and her full time study load completing her Masters in teaching so she can teach high school students.

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