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Wilsn is one of the finest soul artists and best vocalists in Australia.

In the very early days of the conception of Music Love, Shannon Busch AKA Wilsn was top of mind. She is one of Australia's best vocalists and soul artists and is to be celebrated. Wilsn is about to head to SXSW to showcase her soul to the world. Her songs and her voice are breathtakingly fine, and her commitment and dedication to mastering her craft are inspirational. Her EP is called Don't Give It Up. One listen and it quickly becomes apparent that Shannon was born to sing and write soul. Growing up in a musical family, listening to the greats, singing in the church choir, and then going on to study jazz after school have all been steps along Shannon's musical pathway and a great foundation for the music she is making today. Shannon will stay in the States, in Nashville and LA after her SXSW showss - she's just signed a management deal with Seth Friedman (Natasha Bedingfield, Will.I.Am, The Black Eyed Peas, John Legend), a co-publishing deal with labels in Australia and the US and is killing it. Before Shannon leaves, she took some time to chat with Music Love about soul music in Australia and her long list of favourite Australian women in music.

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