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Phebe Starr writes big anthemic pop songs that have captured countless imaginations. And now she's started a record label.

Phebe Starr grew up in a tiny town on NSW's North Coast. Using all her spare time to listen and create music with no training - just a whole lot of artistry and experimentation - gave Phebe her ambitious, songwriting foundation. Vogue magazine and Perez Hilton and a plethora of other media agencies and influencers endorsed Phebe's indie pop gems. With a bagful of successful musical stories tucked away, Phebe relocated to Los Angeles for a few months. Ever on the hunt out for new sounds and muses, she expanded her artistic horizons and dreamt up her current offering, a six track EP entitled Chronicles. Now she's back in Australia. And, in the same manner as her first EP, the music resonates with the zeitgeist. Her first single Feel My Love and its subsequent remix have hit over three million Spotify plays. If that wasn't enough, Phebe has also announced a brand new record label, and has been working with a very exciting and uber talented singer/songwriter named Muki whose first single sky-rocketed within days of being released. In the meantime, Phebe took some time to chat with Music Love about her journey so far, the new album, the new label, and the fact that last week on her mother's farm, a giant python ate a pet guineafowl. Never short on excitement, it would seem. Make sure you listen to her big anthemic pop songs and support a woman who started, literally, with nothing but her dreams. Corny, but true. 

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