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Episode 5: Four women talk about forging a music career in Australia. Jazz artist Frances Madden, composer Ella Macens, indie-folk artist Hannah Robinson and electro pop artist Ruby May

On a cold night, a couple of days out from the beginning of Winter, Julie gathered four impressive music makers. All Australian, all women, and all under 25. One jazz singer, one composer, and two indie/pop artists, to talk all things music. What is like to independently build up your music business as an artist? Social media, marketing, artistry, down time, up-skilling, finding new people to present your music to, community radio, commercial radio, day jobs, wedding gigs, and more. Meet Hannah Robinson, Ruby May, Frances Madden and Ella Macens and learn all about the day to day lives of independent artists.

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Ruby May had two jaw operations and thought she'd never sing again, but used that time to dream up her brand new song Chasing The Sun

Ruby Cooper, who goes by the stage name Ruby May, is a singer/songwriter from Sydney's Northern Beaches. Her penchant for beautiful melodies with an equally beautiful voice to match made for a gorgeous set of tunes. But after the launch of her first EP Wanderer in 2015, Ruby found out she would need some jaw operations. During that time of forced silence and painkillers, Ruby wondered what her future held. She started exploring other career pathways but, as it does, the music beckoned. After wandering - pun, yes - down the film making road, she couldn't stop thinking of how much music meant to her. A couple of years and many questions later, Ruby May has her heart and hand firmly committed to music. Her jaw operations were successful, she has made a full recovery and is about to release a brand new single called Chasing The Sun produced by Nik Karlin and it is just divine. Ruby took some time to speak with Music Love about her jaw operations, her old songs, and her new, and living in Sydney's insular peninsular. 

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