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Joe Jackson has created a masterful moniker in Sloan Peterson. This music will take you back to another time, but also make you feel as fresh as a daisy.

If nostalgia is your thing, then Sloan Peterson is undoubtedly the woman for you. While she is creating old timey music that harks back to another era, the ideas are not gimmicky at all. She is one dedicated and clever music maker, and you can't help but picture her sitting in her loungeroom surrounded by dusty vinyls - everything from Elvis to Bowie to more obscure creators such as Spanish-American band leader Xavier Cugat. 

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From the panels to the stages, boss ladies bring their A-game as BIGSOUND delivers lady powers in spades.

BIGSOUND is one of Australia's most prominent music industry events  and this year's conference and showcase was held in Brisbane last week. Music writer Sosefina Fuamoli was on the ground and says that BIGSOUND was a moment where more sectors of the Australian industry have begun either waking up to the fact that Australian women in music are finally experiencing more agency and prominence, or perhaps, they’re becoming more comfortable in embracing it. Check out her highlights from the panels to the stages here. 

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